Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Manny Perry is not in any of these movies (I think).

It's the end of the year, so those of us in the Manny Perry Movie Club assembled for an evening of wine and food to enjoy each other's company and reminisce over the 47 movies we'd watched the previous year, both good and bad. We came up with two "best" lists: a list of our ten favorite movies after reflecting over the whole year, and another of how we ranked the movies we saw by our gut reactions just after seeing them. I'll post both lists and let you all ponder both the similarities and differences between the two lists. Tomorrow, I'll post my personal lists.

Manny Perry Movie Club Year-End Favorites:
1. Water
2. The Departed
3. The Heart Of The Game
4. Little Miss Sunshine
5. Blood Diamond
6. Brokeback Mountain
7. Munich
8. The Squid & The Whale
9. An Inconvenient Truth
The Queen
Thank You For Smoking
10. Casino Royale
The Next Five:
11. Akeelah & The Bee
V For Vendetta
12. Wordplay
13. Match Point
14. This Film Is Not Yet Rated
15. The Prestige

Manny Perry Gut Reaction Favorites:
1. 8.58 The Heart Of The Game
2. 8.50 Akeelah & The Bee
8.50 The Departed
3. 8.36 Blood Diamond
4. 8.30 Wordplay
5. 8.25 The Squid & The Whale
6. 7.86 Syriana
7.86 Brokeback Mountain
7.86 V For Vendetta
7. 7.80 Why We Fight
8. 7.75 Little Miss Sunshine
9. 7.71 Water
7.71 Hollywoodland
10. 7.67 Thank You For Smoking
The Next Five:
11. 7.57 Transamerica
12. 7.50 The Illusionist
13. 7.36 Casino Royale
14. 7.25 Cars
15. 7.21 This Film Is Not Yet Rated

All in all, it's been a really good year for going to the movies. If there's anything on these lists you haven't seen, you really owe it to yourself to check out at least some of them in the theater or on dvd. All of them offer a lot of entertainment and not a little intellectual stimulus.

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