Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love God's Way

This is THE viral video of the day, and dammit, I'm not gonna be the only queer blogger not to post about it. The question is, however, have ANY straight or christian blogs written about it?

"The Bible Says" is either Sasha Baron Cohen level satire or one of the most hateful set of words set to a lite-FM beat. I'm voting for comedy. Well, satire, anyway. It's comedy in either sense, even if Rev. Davies is playing it, er, "straight" and not just with a straight face.

It's possible some straights have picked up on it. His myspace friends are comprised of an alarming nubmer of christian rock bands (who are either much cooler or much more homophobic that I thought). The funniest part of his site is the list of Gay Bands, or bands that will make you gay if you listen to them. Funniest entries include: Sufjan Stevens, Ghost Face Killah, Jay-Z, Eminmen (sic), and Metallica. (Another clue that Rev. Davies may be in on the joke, he has apparently been reading the blogs all day and adding "gay" bands to his list as they are recommended in the comments sections of various blogs who are reporting on his video.) The equally laughable "Safe Bands" list includes the HRC/GLAAD performer of the year, Cyndi Lauper.

Watch the video. Laugh. Cry. Rant in the comments.

The Bible Says

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