Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can't wait for the iPhone?... this will have to do for now

Just print, cut, and fold.

I wonder if I can fit my Treo inside?

It also sets me to wondering how many of its features will appear on the 6th gen iPod:
  • Multi-touch widescreed is to be assumed.

  • As is the automatically re-orienting, light adjusting screen?

  • Will the proximity detector shut off the screen when you put it in your pocket? How about when you put it in an iSkin?

  • 120 gig capacity is a pretty safe bet (HD manufacturer is already leaking rumors).

  • Will the accelerometer lock down the harddrive while exercising?

  • Will it feature the "Home" button and multi-app, customizable desktop?

  • Will it run OSX? Widgets? office apps? eBooks (iBooks)?

  • How much HD capacity will the OS take up?

  • Bluetooth is a given (along with bluetooth headphones, remote, etc.), but will it also have wi-fi?

  • If so, will it run Safari? Check email (push or otherwise)? iChat or other messaging? YouTube?

  • Will it allow sharing songs/photos like the Zune? (the iPhone does not)

  • Will it sync wirelessly with iTunes? Airport? appleTV? (the iPhone does not)

  • Will it access the iTunes Store and allow for instant purchases downloaded directly to the iPod? (the iPhone does not)

  • How many unsupported features will they add by firmware/software updates before making everyone buy a new iPod?

  • Will it have a camera?

  • Will it squeeze all that into a casing that's less than 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches?

  • Will it have the aluminum/polymer casing like the nano/shuffle/iPhone? (it would have to if it supports wireless features)

  • Will you be able to disable that stupid "cover flow"?

  • Will its new version of iTunes support dvd ripping? divx?

  • Will the next nano be multi-touch and bluetooth? Will the shuffle get bluetooth?

  • Will it drive your car? Fly a plane? Walk your dog? Make you breakfast?

Do I ask for too much?

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