Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Democratic Agenda

Courtesy of The Right Was Right:
Now that the election is behind us, and the Democrats control one or possibly both houses of Congress, there's no reason not to admit it: the Right was right about us all along. Here is our 25-point manifesto for the new Congress:

1. Mandatory homosexuality

2. Drug-filled condoms in schools

3. Introduce the new Destruction of Marriage Act

4. Border fence replaced with free shuttle buses

5. Osama Bin Laden to be Secretary of State

6. Withdraw from Iraq, apologize, reinstate Hussein

7. English language banned from all Federal buildings

8. Math classes replaced by encounter groups

9. All taxes to be tripled

10. All fortunes over $250,000 to be confiscated

11. On-demand welfare

12. Tofurkey to be named official Thanksgiving dish

13. Freeways to be removed, replaced with light rail systems

14. Pledge of Allegiance in schools replaced with morning flag-burning

15. Stem cells allowed to be harvested from any child under the age of 8

16. Comatose people to be ground up and fed to poor

17. Quarterly mandatory abortion lottery

18. God to be mocked roundly

19. Dissolve Executive Branch: reassign responsibilities to UN

20. Jane Fonda to be appointed Secretary of Appeasement

21. Outlaw all firearms: previous owners assigned to anger management therapy

22. Texas returned to Mexico

23. Ban Christmas: replace with Celebrate our Monkey Ancestors Day

24. Carter added to Mount Rushmore

25. Modify USA's motto to "Land of the French and the home of the brave"

More thoughts on Democratic victory, Ted Haggard, etc., when I get a chance to write it all down.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Art Party

The exhibit of my photos at Mediums Gallery in Little Rock's Hillcrest neighborhood opened last night with a reception at the gallery. I could not have asked for a better event. I don't know if anything sold last night, but a flood of friends and family turned out to see the exhibit, and everyone had very positive things to say. I loved seeing all the pieces up on the wall, hearing how everyone responded to the work, and noting which works were the crowd favorites. The music was spot-on and created the perfect mood. The wine flowed. All in all, it was a tremendously affirming and rewarding experience.

Thanks, Jimmy, for catching the vision of my work and encouraging me to fully express it on your walls. And thanks again to all the loved ones who came out to see the work (this means you: Eric, Brooke, and Brooke's mom and brothers; Keith and Mark; Randy, Gary, Sheryl, and Gary's art teacher; Diane and Kirk, Kevin, Michael, Rusty and Pepper; Bill, Brian, Kae, Tim, Jacob and your smart new girlfriend; Micah; and Adrian).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Voted

I voted early for the first time today. It was a superior voting experience. There is a paper register in the machines and the attendants even verified and updated my voter registration address. If you are eligible to vote, I recommend taking advantage of the early voting system.

I held my nose and voted for Beebe for governor. I wanted to vote for Bryan or Lendall, but I could just see A$A! winning with a margin that was less than the vote for the third party candidates. I voted Mason for mayor, for the unopposed candidates, for the bond issue for higher education, against the charitable bingo amendment, and a straight Democratic ticket otherwise.