Monday, May 17, 2004

Sign me up for the Special Olympics

I am the king of morons.

It was sprinkling when I left for work this morning. So I turned on the wipers. Which meant turning on the headlights. Halfway there, the rain stopped, so I turned off the wipers. Guess what I left on? Guess what else I forgot to turn off when I got to work. So, now, I have a very dead battery in my car. No problem. There are plenty of kind co-workers willing to give me a jump. Why, I even have my own jumper cables in the trunk.

Amiable co-worker and I hook up the car and she starts up her motor. I get out of my car to make some idle chit chat while the battery soaks up life-giving electricity. And closed the door with the lock down and the keys inside.

Clearly, I am the stupidest man alive.

I also can't remember if I turned down the roadside assistance plan available through my cell phone carrier, or if they never really told me about it... but, now that I've signed up, it won't take effect for three more days (though the first two months are free!), so I'm still out $30 to get the lock popped. And then get the car jumped again. Hopefully all will be fine once I get back into my car and get it started. But it's put a severe kink in my day and my self-esteem.

Needless to say, I'll be getting another spare key made (the one I had fell out of my wallet) and I'll probably buy one of those jumper dealies that will let you start the alternator and charge the battery through the cigarette lighter. Of course, then, I'll probably remember to turn off the lights when I get to work.

Somebody tell me a joke... I need a good lift.

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