Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Bon voyage of the mind (or: Imposing my random thoughts on the world)

Here it is. I am finally giving into the prevailing culture and intellectual guilt that I do not regulary record my thoughts and actions in a routine manner.

Actually, I think this will be exciting. I hope to get to know myself better through this process and let others get to know me as well. I'll not spill all my thoughts out at once, but I'll reveal these tidbits about me slowly (but regularly) so as not to give others or myself any preconceived notions. The first several entries are likely to be a clearinghouse of some of my recent thoughts and writings... perhaps a bit more impersonal than I'd really like... think of it as like the first couple of years of Charles Schulz's Peanuts where was still trying to work out his characters as well as the tone and perspective of the strip.

I tend to be wordy too. I hope I don't bore anyone unecessarily.

I suppose this is where I should break a bottle of champagne over the bow. Hmmm... does it count if I just pour coffee over the keyboard? Seems like I ruined a perfectly good mp3 player and cd walkman two weeks ago doing that. Maybe I'll just fire a gun off in the air.

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