Thursday, May 13, 2004

Circular motion is universal

The last 24 hours has been replete with new music to listen to.

I got the new Pixie's best of: Wave Of Mutilation yesterday. I had forgotten how good and important and far reaching the Pixies were/are. I'm not superkeen on the mastering job for the cd. Not that the Pixies were ever overly concerned with sonic fidelity. But, dangit, the Pixies should be LOUD! I guess that's why they made Wave Hammer. I think I am hereby inspired to use my next couple of month's Emusic allotments to download the rest of the band's ouervre.

I also got Junior Senior's D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat dirt cheap off Funky, fresh fun music. Well worth the money, especially since I got it primarily to use "Move Your Feet" in Antonio's party mix next Saturday.

Finally, Pedro The Lion's Achilles Heel was also in today's post. Like most PTL releases, it's a bit underwhelming on the first listen (especially coming directly after Junior Senior!), and many of the songs bear a striking similarity to each other. But most PTL recordings release most of their joy after multiple listenings when nuances and subtle shades become more apparent.

I give a thumbs up on all three.

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