Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Cousin's Wedding

Oh Lordy, is there any occasion more harrowing than a family wedding? My cousin April got married last weekend to Justin, her long-standing boyfriend. I'm always surprised by the nerves of people getting married who have been together for a long time already. Standing before the minister (who spoke like a drive-time radio DJ), April had the giggles and Justin was sweating buckets. April's mom, my aunt Cindy, was cussing the chapel staff, the groom's family, her ex-husband, and anyone who wasn't handing her a stiff drink. It was a beautiful occasion.

The reception turned out to be a pretty fun party. They cut the cake, served the finger foods, took the pictures, and finally goaded family and friends into dancing. The bride's maids all line danced to the electric slide and some country tunes but the floor finally filled up when the slow jams started playing. My stepmother asked me to dance with my grandmother so she wouldn't be left out. It was a touching moment, to be sure. But I'll never be able to listen to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" again.

Congratulations, April and Justin. Much love to you both.

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Tony said...


Dancing with your grandmum to Let's Get It On? Yeesh! At least it wasn't Sexual Healing.... that would worry me more.

You freak.