Thursday, June 15, 2006

Exquisite Decay

At the same gallery show where I lucked into Stephano's unique Johnny Cash, I also found a series of manipulated photos by Charlie James that he calls "Exquisite Decay." The series is on display at Lily's Dim Sum and Then Some thru July 3, 2006, and at the website for Localist Magazine. Contact info is listed on the Localist's site if you would like to acquire some of this fantastic series. Charlie is a real renaissance man, an artist, photographer, musician, and probably several other things I don't know about. His wife Lisa Klaas is also an artist. She stuns me with the detail and vision of her art.

After the show, I picked up my favorite shot from the series, which now adorns my office wall, and Charlie has kindly agreed to allow me to display the image here.

Do see the exhibit at Lily's or Localist and be sure to visit any show he and/or Lisa have hanging in the future.

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