Thursday, May 25, 2006

Use it or lose it!

The place where I work has a "use it or lose it" policy regarding vacation and personal leave time. We get a generous three weeks a year of vacation time (not including two weeks off at Christmas time) each year. But if we fail to schedule all of it before our anniversary date, we lose whatever we haven't used. So, realizing my time was running short, I scheduled my three weeks about a month apart each over the course of the summer, and I'm in the midst of my first week off now. I might actually take a trip during one of the other two weeks, but this week, I'm staying around the house, getting some sun and exercise, getting some use out of the iPod, seeing a few movies, and trying to fill up my portfolio with some new photos.

I found some great photo subjects walking around the neighborhood. Principally, there were some heavily graffiti covered boxcars parked on sidetracks that run through this part of town that proved to be quite photogenic.

Graffiti, of course, still has strong criminal associations. But, as galleries have increasingly displayed works and/or hosted competitions, tagging has become a respectable representation of modern art. Which, of course, leaves me with the question, is it technically plagarism to photograph a tag? Or does employing photographic technique qualify it as an original work? Either way, I'm fond of several of the shots I've gotten.

More photos will definitely be posted as I sort through what I've taken and as I take new photos I think are worth hanging in the Rut/Groove.

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