Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Banking Error?

Ok... I've had the same two transactions pending, and the same balance on my on-line banking statement since Thursday. Plus, some purchases that should have cleared by now are conspicuously absent from my register. Most alarmingly, my direct deposit from work has yet to post to my account. I'm all for holiday-related slowdowns at the bank when it keeps me from accidentally bouncing a check or something. But I'm not so fond once it starts to interfere with my ability to pay for things like rent and food and shiny little impulse buys.

I get the same balance when I check through the telephone banking and at the ATM. If it hasn't updated by tomorrow, I think I'm really gonna freak out.

UPDATE: Everything seems to have caught up this morning. All my purchases have cleared. There are no overdraughts. My paycheck is where it ought to be. I am, momentarily, fiscally sound.

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