Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thick Syrup Records 2012 Compilation

I owe a bunch of reviews on recent releases by Little Rock's great bands. Suffice it to say, all the records are great and you should seek them all out and pay double for them. But I didn't want to wait to clear out the backlog before mentioning that the release of the 2012 Thick Syrup Records Compilation is upon us.

Thick Syrup Records' occasional compilations are great snapshots of what's going on Arkansas' music scene, and the latest entry is no different. There's a party at Sticky Fingerz Friday night ($5 cover) with performances by The SEE, Frontier Circus, and Ginsu Wives -- all featured on the CD -- to celebrate the physical release of the 2012 edition, but the digital release is already up on BandCamp and features 35(!) bonus tracks. This, my friends, is good news.

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