Sunday, July 02, 2006


I don't know if a U.S. release has yet been secured, but my favorite summer cd thus far is Alright, Still by Lily Allen, due out 17 July in the U.K.

Ms. Allen's debut effortlessly combines impeccable pop hooks, indie-rock overtones and reggaeton flourishes for a bright, sunny sound that is unique, hip, and innovative while still familiar enough to appeal to the Top 40 crowd.

"Smile," and ebulient revenge fantasy about getting even with a roaming lover, is the first single and is proving to be nearly as popular as "Crazy" was for Gnarls Barkley earlier this year.

But, as was the case with "Crazy," the acclaim is deserved.

The video is airing on the internet now, courtesy of EMI records and youTube. It's sinfully delicious. Enjoy.

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