Friday, April 28, 2006

SNAKES ON A PLANE! has a terrific guide to summer movies, zeroing in on films of interest to the 'mo crowd. 2006 has the potential to be an entertaining summer in the multiplex. Of particular interest to moi is:

The Da Vinci Code, May 19. I read the book a couple of weeks ago. I think a lot of people want to take this work more seriously than it deserves, but the movie should prove to be a good thriller.

X-Men III: The Last Stand, May 26. X-Men have always worked as a metaphor for minorities facing oppression, and increasingly successful as an allegory for gay rights as the story line has progressed. It's also historically been one of the consistently smart AND action-packed comics in existence.

Nacho Libre, June 16th. Two years almost to the day after the release of Napoleon Dynamite, director Jared Hess returns with a much-anticipated 2nd film.

Strangers With Candy, June 28. The Sedaris family is rich with talent. Sister Amy brings her cult-favorite and endearingly weird tv show to big screen.

Superman Returns, June 30. Hot guy in tights + Bryan Singer = winner.

Pirates of the Caribbean II, July 7. Will elements from the movies now begin to be incorporated to the theme park ride?

Little Miss Sunshine, July 28. Steve Carrell follows up his turns in 40-Year-Old Virgin and The Office in this dark comedy that was the buzz of Sundance.

Quinceanera, August 2 (limited release). Because summer movie season isn't complete without at least one well-placed indie film to cleanse the palette.

Snakes On A Plane!, August 18. SNAKES ON A PLANE! Say it with me: "SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! Has there ever been a purer concept in summer cinema? Thanks to its bulletproof title, even if the film stinks, it's STILL great. And if the film is great? Then it's an instant classic! It stars Samuel L. Jackson and Bobby Cannavale and a parade of cameo appearances. Say it with me again, SNAKES ON A M*^&#*% F@^%*#(% PLANE!!!!

Another Gay Movie, no release date. Essentially American Pie gone gay. I'm skeptical. I doubt it will be as good as Trick... but hopefully it won't be as bad as, say, Cruising.

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