Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"Pro-life" President?

In his "State of the Union," er, nomination acceptance speech at the RNC, Pres. Dubya said his administration was committed to recognizing the value and protecting every human life. By which he meant he's against abortion. Let's take a look at how his policies as President affect the lives of the 2/3 of us who actually make it out of the uterus:

Pro-Death Penalty. As Texas governor he dramatically increased the number and rate of executions of death row inmates.

Pro-War. The "Bush Doctrine" unilaterally pursues US interests at the expense of the world community. It is also responsible for killing 15 Afghan and Iraqi nationals for every American soldier that has fallen.

Anti-Environment. The Bush administration has deregulated air and water cleanliness standards that help prevent juvenille asthma and birth defects. He has also advocated drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve and relaxing re-forestation standards on logging companies. His administration's energy policy was WRITTEN by oil and energy consortiums in secret meetings with the Vice President. These corporations were the biggest contributors the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2000 and include Mr. Cheney's former employers. These policies do nothing to encourage independence from foreign oil and pollution by developing alternative energy sources.

Anti-stem cell research. At best, no "lives" are saved by withholding government funding of new lines of research. Unused fertilized cells from fertility clinics, the source of all human embryonic stem cells for research, are routinely destroyed if not appropriated for research. At worst, these "lives" lose all dignity and meaning by being flushed down the toilet instead of given a purpose in the quest to improve the quality and quantity of life for everyone.

Anti-Condoms. The Bush administration has gagged federally funded clinics from providing life-saving information about contraception and STDs under the guise that such information "encourages" illicit sexual behavior. His administration has similarly inhibited aid to foreign countries hardest hit by AIDS by tying relief money and access to drugs to relief organizations use of "Abstinence Only" propaganda and soft-selling or ignoring condoms and other safer sex methods.

Anti-Workers. Currently, 1.1 Million fewer people have jobs than When Mr. Bush took office. Many of those have seen their real wages and salaries either decline or not keep pace with the cost of living. He has overseen the loss of millions of Americans' health care. He has championed a Medicare prescription drug plan that benefits drug companies at the expense of senior citizens. He has proposed restucturing federal employment guidelines to prevent many hourly wage-earning workers from qualifying for overtime pay.

Anti-Consumer. He has proposed tort and malpractice "reform" that would limit doctors' and corporations' liability to consumers when their goods and services prove to be harmful.

Pro-Fear. His administration has brazenly used fear for partisan political gain by issuing vague (and often misleading) "homeland security" warnings whenever the news is not particularly useful (or is downright damaging) to its agenda.

Oh, but he's against abortion.

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